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About Myopia Control

The Institute for Control of Eye Myopia in Children’s mission is to improving the quality of life for children with worsening vision. Our Doctors have over 60 years of combined clinical experience in the diagnosis and management of refractive disorders like myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and Presbyopia. Each member of our clinic has specific experience in one or more aspects of myopia management.

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Correcting Eyesight

It happens to children every day. Their eyesight becomes blurry and they start to strain and squint to see better. Parents ask what is the cause and how can it be corrected? In the past decade, scores of scientific studies have unmasked some of the mystery behind what makes childrens vision progressively deteriorate. At the Institute for Control of Myopia in Children, we can match you with a doctor in your area who can help.

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Types of Myopia Control

Historically several methods have been used to attempt to address “myopic progression” or “myopic shift”. There is also a great deal of evidence that diet, nutrition, lifestyle and ergonomic changes, certain other pharmaceutical agents and other environmental changes might have a positive effect on myopia control. The Institute for Control of Eye Myopia in Children was established to provide a basic understanding of the physiologic mechanisms believed to cause progressive myopia.

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Knowledgeable Staff. Suffice to say five years later and all the doctors & staff are still entrusted with the care of my eyes and those of my family's. The overall atmosphere of the practice is friendly and welcoming. The knowledgeable…Excellent Care
They had extended hours, which is great for folks on the 9-5 schedule. I also had no trouble scheduling the appointment just a few days ahead. The staff were great and Dr. Yecheskel was very friendly and very capable.Great place
Was seen by Dr. Hernandez, she is quiet but very thorough in doing my examination. This office is head and shoulders above Hour Eyes, which felt like being in a production line. Really enjoyed this office and the entire staff…Dr Hernandez
I found it online by googling: "Best eye doctor in rockville" and they were the first hit. I loved their ease of making an appointment online. I requested on on Monday and got one for Wednesday of the same week.…This place is awesome
I have been going to Dr Glazier for years now. They are very very good. I take my entire family including my two young kids to him and he really knows how to work with them as well. Both my…Vikranth
Fabulous and friendly! We are very appreciative of Dr. Glazier's knowledge and experience with Ortho K. His initial explanation and subsequent attention to our questions helped us decide that this was the right step for our daughter. Everyone we worked…Unknown Customer

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